public housing, vallecas 51. madrid

some reflections on the house, by manuel gallego

“we build a house, in its most general sense, to have a shelter, to satisfy a need and we do it thinking that we can live better. this also means discovering more possibilities for life. in it there are situations that occur or may occur; creativity on our part would be to make it happen, causing new situations, opening the user's horizon ... the most comfortable spaces are those to which life imposes less restrictions when flowing, those, therefore, that are richer in meanings, those less aware of their own formality and more open to being interpreted and used in multiple ways, capable of suggesting rich experiences full of possibilities. ”and thus we dream of finding a possible balance in the project between a deep interest in shadows, transparencies, membranes or itineraries, but at the same time rigor in the structural and programmatic organizational arguments of the building. at the urban level we are interested in the interest in the architectural mass, its physical quality and how it appears in different circumstances; a fundamentally perceptive approach that generates a certain organization of the building and the program. the intimate domestic space, but without thick and heavy walls. the rooms enjoy a transition space in front, outside the level that expands the separation between private space and public space to achieve privacy.


location: vallecas ensanche 51, plot 4.8, madrid

client: emvs

date: february 2006

built area: 8.702,8 sqm

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza.

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