vallecas tower public housing. madrid

the project builds a total of 132 one- and two-bedroom homes for a building area of ??9000 m2 plus 300 for commercial use on the ground floor. the solution in plan has as a geometric basis the "double symmetry", it is like ambigrams, which are the words or figures that are read the same when rotated 180º. this strategy has to do with the fact that the building, as an exempt block. the external enclosure uses resources of undifferentiation and scalar ambiguity. it is a skin of black zinc scales in horizontal strips that slide over each other with a slight offset and in which the holes are inserted with the intention of not making the floor levels evident. a combinatorial system of hollows type of recognizable domestic court is proposed that find their best position always from within the rooms. constructively, the zinc facade becomes the central argument not only because of its material execution but also as an energy efficiency strategy. a minimum maintenance solution is proposed, in a transventilated position, which facilitates the transpiration of the facade, protects the building from the infiltration of rainwater and prevents interstitial condensation. it involves the optimization of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, which, being located on the outer face of the bricks enclosure, avoids possible thermal bridges.


location: plot 5.16 ensanche de vallecas, madrid

client: emvs

date: competition 2003, construction 2006, finish 2009

built area: 15.451 sqm

costs: pem 9.126.375 euros, 590,67€/sqm

design team: estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, carolina leveroni, stefan vogt, jorge martínez, laura frutos, pablo sacristán, filipe minderico, miguel crespo, anne-dorothée herbort

consultans: florentino regalado, fr ingeniería (structures),, clement y asociados (mep), juan carlos corona ruiz, david gil crespo, santiago hernán martín

main contractor: constructora hispánica assignia

photo credits: roland halbe, jorge lópez conde, montse zamorano


  • COAM+10 award premios COAM 2020
  • honor award boston society of architects, bsa's 2014 housing design awards
  • award. living category ait awards 2012
  • first prize. best public housing building premios asprima-sima 2011
  • finalist XI beau. bienal española de arquitectura y urbanismo 2011
  • finalist V premio de arquitectura enor
  • first prize. collective housing trophée archizinc. 4th edition
  • first prize. best residential building IV edición premios nan 2010
  • first prize (1/5) concurso restringido


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