public medical center cedt. daimiel

daimiel cedt, resolves the program of primary and emergency care on the ground floor, being the areas with the highest flow of people, repeating on the top floor, the same functional scheme of parallel corridors to house specialty consultations, residence of health personnel and surgical block. abroad, the project tries to solve the image of a public-use building inserted in the perimeter of the house, so it is coated with a metal skin of microperforated galvanized sheet slats to lose the scale of the room's recess and return a volume textured that manages to protect the interior of neighboring views while improving the thermal conditions of the building. inside, the building opens to 5 courtyards lined with corrugated sheet, around which the queries follow each other and the circulations and waiting rooms on the other, which enjoy optimal conditions of glazed fronts ventilation and lighting. the profile of the building is slightly interwoven by incorporating the volumes of the installation boxes that align with the plane of the facade and the drains that produce the different accesses and the upper floor terrace. in the same way, the corners of the accesses fold in plan allowing the extension of the sidewalks as urban lobbies in the areas of greater traffic, blurring the perimeter of the building.



location: daimiel, ciudad real

client: castilla-lamancha health service (reg. government)

completion date: competition 2003; construction 2004-2007

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, carolina leveroni, jorge martínez martín, verena ruhm, raquel fernández antoñanzas, vidal fernández díez, cristina fidalgo garcía, vincent rodriguez, fabrice quemeneur, filipe minderico, laura sánchez carrasco, irene de la cruz garcía

consultans: geasyt (mep), juan carlos corona ruiz, santiago hernán martín (technical engineers)

photo credits: raúl belinchón





  • finalist IV premio de arquitectura enor
  • honorable mention premios ateg de galvanización 2008
  • first prize concurso público


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