#house#1.130. madrid

brief notes on a house with no appearance.

two different schemes superimposed one on top the other; a longitudinal one, based on spatial forking, and the one underneath, based on a hand fingers like configuration. as a result, it is a fractured mass, ruled by the rhythm of the roof structure. some other important things are the growth against the slope, entrance through the umbilicus and permeable skins that thicken space boundaries.  upper level is a daytime pavilion with a metal roof structure that goes all the way through in visual continuity, with long views through a sequence of spaces. concrete supporting walls and glass enclosure are the other two vertical elements, blurring the idea of interior and exterior. rooms below are burrow like, with nested openings in between them. it is a formless project in the sense that is impossible getting any volumetric understanding as spectator, also because of the camouflage of the permeable skin with the concrete, dynamic in perception because of light. it is an inhabitable porous enclosure, made by superimposition of multiple layer with different density and permeability and therefore, different degrees of interiority.


location: madrid, spain

completion date: march 2013

built area: 592,82 sqm

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, alvar ruiz, miguel crespo, marco plazzogna, anne-dorothée herbot, mia molato.

consultans: maria jose camporro (structures), geasyt (mep),planta paisajistas (landscape)

main contractor: triplicado s.l.

photo credits: roland halbe




  • finalist XIII beau. bienal española de arquitectura y urbanismo 2015
  • honorable mention architecture masterprize 2016
  • shortlisted bigmat international architecture award 2015
  • shortlisted the plan awards 2015
  • shortlisted architizer a+ award 2015
  • honor award boston society of architects, bsa's 2014 housing design awards
  • shortlisted VI premio de arquitectura enor 2014
  • shortlisted (35/381) premio fad 2014 de arquitectura e interiorismo
  • selected record houses 2014. architectural record magazine
  • first prize. mention Premio COAM 50
  • first prize. best built project in madrid premios COAM 2014
  • winner faculty design award ACSA 2014-2015
  • included archdaily 50 best houses of 2014
  • winner best cladding. azure top 10 houses 2014
  • winner wan house of the year award 2014


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