mahou flagship center. madrid


this is the mahou space that we propose throught 4 strategies: clean the structure: it is proposed to restructure the organization so that parallel bays are formed perpendicular to don pedro and san francisco streets, so that the main walls are maintained and the lower value cross-sections are eliminated. sort the space and the program: this structural change to parallel bands allows a double access that is an interior street mode, connects both streets to a single corridor in addition to making sense of access to the main porch. similarly, the same parallel bands are established on all floors, through spaces that link both streets through the opposite windows. connect visually and physically: parallel bands will be those that contain the dna of the mahou space. the inclusion of strategic gaps between them generates a programmatic diagram in which the different functions of the building are related in continuity, both physically and visually, both in plan as in section. qualify and value the mahou experience: the spaces of the building are of two types, some white and neutral that facilitate the expositive and administrative use, others of amber color. the need to replace the roof of the building gives us the possibility of replacing it with a folded plane of greater visual lightness. a space that will be like the foam of a well-thrown beer, the moment when the liquid will become soda.


location: don pedro street 1, madrid

client: mahou

date: july 2015

built area: 2.963,65 sqm

costs: 3.556.500,00 €

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, maria urigoitia



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