civic center los andes university. bogota

university crater, a spiral of gathering and knowledge

the occupation of the site arises as an architectural mass  dugged in its center irregularly to produce a vertical connection, a university gate like a crater, whose bottom is the cityporous material, fractions and vacuum to connect. the project proposes that the crater be connected to all architectural and urban preexistings. from the crater you reach the city, the university, the mountain or the sky in a project of porous materiality. in the interstice of these circulations the students welfare areas of the program are arranged. in the first floors is located the spaces of greater public character above it the academic spaces. the classrooms are arranged on the perimeter and scattered throughout the plants to guarantee the meeting between users. a spiral for gathering, a vertical route with alternatives. the unandino university campus, divided, labyrinthine and the origins of the university, is reinterpreted from the crater, backbone of the course and the encounter. the great scale fractioned, an austere and respectful attitude. we propose a low-rise and stepped back building that responds with scalar equivalences to the buildings of its immediate environment beeing adapted to the existing topography of the place. sequence of irregular geometries. the program of the building is solved from the arrangement of 6 levels of regular height, which raise its geometrical variations in plan. the arrangement and particularity of each of the plans in relation to the previous and the next allows the program to be resolved spatially enriched.


  • honorable mention the plan awards 2017

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