cms usera public healthcare center. madrid

usera health care center belongs to a trilogy along with those of villaverde and san blas. these three buildings form part of a process we call 3x1. the beginning goes back to an unusual contest called for the construction of two identical buildings (same client, same same functional program and budget) in two separate locations in madrid (usera and san blas) whose common characteristic was its lack of relevance. the answer to these initial conditions the idea or premise of "misplaced building". in the case of cms usera, a concrete shell is covered with a golden skin of aluminum mesh. inside, space becomes more horizontal and abstract by placing the white ceramic the health center program is developed extensively in a single floor. the different units are ordered program generating an orthogonal grid irregular sparse, where 13 yards staggered distributed between public and private placements through three (non)-parallel corridors.
in opposition to this system light, spray the patios, the hermetic facade is conceived as a continuous mass and blind. the absence of holes in vertical panels of the outer casing makes the relationship between interior and exterior of the building occurs vertically, almost overhead. the glasses do not define courtyards but holes in the front horizontal outer shell of the building and creates a vertical relationship that generates an isotropic interior space.


location: heno street with avena street, madrid, españa

client: madrid salud. organismo autónomo del ayuntamiento de madrid

date: competition 2005, project 2006, construction beginning 2006, finish 2009

built area: 1.452,38 sqm

costs: pem 1.660.666,63 euros, 1.143,41 euros/sqm

design team: estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, jorge martínez, laura frutos, vincent rodriguez, fabrice quemeneur, filipe minderico, alvar ruiz, miguel crespo, marco plazogna

consultans: geasyt (mep), juan carlos corona, david gil (techinical engineer)

main contractor: j. quijano construcciones s.l

photo credits: roland halbe




  • health care architecture award archdaily "building of the year" 2012
  • first prize. health care category ait awards 2012
  • honorable mention international biennal "barbara cappochin" 2011
  • pre-finalist XI beau. bienal española de arquitectura y urbanismo 2011
  • first prize concurso público


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