43 row houses. almuradiel

the first thing that caught our attention when visiting almuradiel was the idea of fragmentation. so we start with these materials: fragmentation, the relationship between the parts and the whole, white, light, and of course the idea of "living" in this case, a type of rural house. the type of housing is configured around three patios "inserted" quincuncial in a regular mesh of 4.6x4.6m. this strategy has to do with the possibility of orienting each of the cells of the mesh to the north or south , regardless of which side of the street we are in, the rooms are always facing south, both in houses with entrances from north or from south. we could say that it is a "reversible" house, which always works well in terms of orientation, lighting and ventilation, the houses have only 90 square meters (interior useful area), but the total volume of each unit is approximately 600 cubic meters, these parameters can give an idea of porosity of the built, as well as the interaction with spaces private open (patios) in continuity with the interior.if we increase the volume of the construction by inserting three courtyards and increase the standard height by 1 m, the result is a living space twice as large as the standard box.


location: camilo alonso vega street, s/n. almuradiel, ciudad real. spain 

client: gicaman,s.a.

date: competition 5 september 2002, project 2004, construction2005- 2009 

built area: area 7.311 sqm; built area 5.138’87 sqm

costs: pem 2.909.251,45 €; costs/sqm 566,13 €/sqm

design team: estudio_entresitio; maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, julian jiménez de tejada, vidal fernández díez, raquel fernández antoñanzas, carolina leveroni, jorge martínez martín, stefan vogt, carolin löser

consultans: ignacio aspe herránz (structures); luis armenta (engineer); juan carlos corona ruiz y santiago e. hernán martín (technical engineer)

main contractor: ute chm-bacamancha

photo credits: roland halbe


  • nominated ecola international award 2012
  • selected XI beau. bienal española de arquitectura y urbanismo 2011
  • selected V premio de arquitectura enor
  • first prize concurso público

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