ángel martínez presents estudio_entresitio's 'clinical' book at urbannext.com sponsored by actar

"A few years ago estudio_entresitio won an unusual competition held by the public healthcare system of Madrid which consisted of building two healthcare clinics, both with the same budget and the same design in two different locations. From this intriguing starting point, they explored the possibilities of an autonomous architectural system that, free from a specific context, could operate on the ideas of materiality, structure and order within the architectural space, with the same interior structure and a distinct outer shell. Subsequently, after winning another competition with a similar design in a third location with a suitable building site, a third building was proposed that would also use the same layout and a distinct exterior. The set of buildings, referred to as “3×1”, is resonant and suggestive in relation to architectural creation and the artistic notion of variation. In Clinical. An Architecture of Variation with Repetition, published by Actar, María Hurtado de Mendoza, professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and founding member of the studio, describes the experience and presents an insightful reflection, enhanced by a superb visual presentation, on the play between difference and repetition in architecture"...

martínez garcía-posada, ángel,  'Doing It Better: An Architecture of Variation with Repetition', www.urbannext.com, https://urbannext.net/doing-it-better/?wppb_cpm_redirect=yes , ISSN: 2575-5374.

maria hurtado de mendoza ; estudio_entresitio, 'clinical - an architecture of variation with repetition', actar publisher, 2017

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