club de mar-mallorca. palma de mallorca

this project develops a yacht club program, in which there are two clearly differentiated parts. on the one hand, the marina that serves the mooring of vessels of various dimensions, on the other hand, the buildings that house the different dependencies necessary to serve the needs of the marina and the offers of nautical activities offered by the sea club -mallorca. the volume and form of the architectural proposal arises from the topography of the site, from the surrounding needs of the city in relation to this area of the port, from the search for the best possible situation of each of the rooms that make up the dependencies within of the plot and the introduction of light and air in the built by courtyards that enter as fingers of one hand from the east and west facades. these aspects of the shape of the building together with low-consumption and high-performance facilities will make the sea club a facility highly committed to sustainability and environmental qualities. the main building for its volumetry and distribution of functional areas can be considered as if they were several buildings linked by walkways and outdoor spaces discovered. the different areas of the building are mainly developed on three floors per block, each of them with different dimensions and levels, so that the program is accommodated on several floors and that each of these areas get a better contact of the building with the ground.


location: s/n, muelle pelaires, 07015 palma, islas baleares

client: club de mar-mallorca

date: under construction

area: 45.129,71 m2

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, borja requena, eduardo blanes, adriana pablos, peio erroteta, maría bona, edurne bona, carlotta albini, carlos diaz del rio

consultans: geasyt ingeniería (mep), fhecor (structures), oceanim (structures), larosamaura (landscape)

main contractor: fcc&vopsa

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