“zool” dance and music public school. ibiza. ibiza

this project is above all the result of resolving in section a program that a priori seemed to have a better extensive than intensive solution.

on the other hand, the conservatory program is set out in thematic blocks that need to be related to achieve a unitary project without differentiated parts. in this way we decided to merge the dance and music programs and then establish a new functional hierarchy in height; lower public traffic as it rises (also smaller rooms). in addition, the geometry of the site, practically square, together with the fact that it is a corner, hinders the traditional understanding of “front and back”, “left and right” and suggests the need to drill the large volume that can be offers to put light and air to the heart of an almost isotropic mass. these drillings are one or multiple, it is a braid of gaps that define spaces by their relative position.


location: ibiza

client: education and culture counseling

date: 2002

built area: 3.732,59 sqm

costs: 3.000.000,00 €

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada,jose maria hurtado de mendoza, vidal fernandez, verena ruhm, raquel fernandez, carmen jimenez


  • second prize concurso público

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