public healthcare center in minglanilla. cuenca

the project proposes an exempt building, extensive in its development on the ground floor, which closes on itself creating an exterior space bounded by the building through which the income is produced and to which the waiting and circulation spaces of this center of health. it is, therefore, a relatively blind building to the outside, an architecture of white walls, on which few gaps are opened that encompass the needs of minimum opening, and that encloses a landscaped space, as an urban room that recalls the traditional typology of manchego hamlets the formal autonomy of the building is in any case sensitive to the data of the place, so that the body of consultations in two heights is the one that presents in front of the immediate urban center, similar in height, with the will to help configure the david martinez street. the building opens to the town on its east façade, which is where the town center extends, through a large portico-like hole. inflection point or threshold between the external public space and the private interior, we are interested in enhancing its character of intermediate space or "entresitio", where the outer skin of the building revolves on itself, as swallowed, to become the inner skin of an outer space with a new degree of interiority.


location: cuenca road nº19. minglanilla. 16260 cuenca

client: sescam

date: 1999-2003

built area: 1.218 sqm

costs: 1.044.257 €

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, julián jiménez de tejada, laura martín-escanciano, nieves mestre, lucía masía, laura ordás, raquel fernández, vidal fernández, carolina leveroni.

consultans: ignacio aspe (structures), rafel urculo (facilities), jose maria alares (technical engineer)

main contractor: construcciones lahoz-soto, s.a.

photo credits: luis asín


  • selected premios de arquitectura 25 años de castilla-la mancha
  • targa d'argento premio de arquitectura luigi cosenza
  • finalist 8º premio camuñas de jóvenes arquitectos españoles 2004
  • first prize concurso público

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