public housing. uva hortaleza r25. madrid

the contest lot is especially characterized by two issues:

-the unevenness of a plant in the longitudinal direction of the plot

-the important bottom or transverse width taking into account that the planned arrangement is open block.

the proposal presented bases its solution on the answer to these questions. the existing slope allows, as the planning points out, to build a volume of continuous horizontal cornice for the whole plot and to adjust with a slope a bank of 5 to 6 floors as it descends. in this way, the concept of ground floor is extended to the possibility of double access to the promotion from both ends of the plot and with a difference plant. in this sense, the configuration of a double-height interior street is proposed, illuminated both vertically and laterally, which connects by means of a walkway in mezzanine both levels and allows double access to the six vertical communication nuclei of the houses. this interior street also allows access to the space reserved for tertiary use at any point that runs longitudinally to the main facade, but which however has limited access to that front due to the steep slope. with respect to the building fund, the project chooses to increase the length of the exterior façade by incorporating open courtyards on the façade, which allows the resolution of all of the homes considered outside. on the other hand, the resulting volumetric fragmentation, allows to control the scale of the new building, which finds in this resource a way to dialogue with the neighboring towers, without competing with them.


location: madrid, plot r-25 uva hortaleza

client: madrid housing institute

date: 2011

built area: 18529,78 sqm

costs: 9.353.720,55 euros 

design team: estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, jose maria hurtado de mendoza, alvar ruiz.

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