public housing, butarque 11. madrid

a spanish architect, of which we admire, used to say that brick is like bread, which is the same of rich as of poor. to begin with, it would not seem a bad thing to put these two ingredients together: brick and bread. perhaps anecdote, but not quite, the building on the floor is shaped like a slice of bread; the mandatory minimum setbacks are presented as the excuse to deform the strict starting grid, and the facades become a single, tense, rotund. and we think of lewerentz when we imagine this crust as a dark and strongly textured factory in which the curvature is solved without the continuity solution. the creaking, narrowed to the limit, is discovered very effective in solving the housing program; all rooms in comb to exterior facade, bathrooms and kitchens to the inner courtyard and through the beams allowing ventilation and cross lighting. from the inside of the houses, the spatial tension is "outward". the gaps of this facade, only two of the same family, are ordered with a certain vibration, while the openings inside are veiled by an envelope that ensures privacy and builds the main image of the project. thus, this central interior space, a new panoptic, is the “bread” space of all of the social.


location: plot rc-11, villaverde, butarque, madrid

client: emvs

date: 2009

built area: 21.201 sqm

design team: estudio__entresitio; maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, josé maría hurtado de mendoza.

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