public housing in villarrobledo. villarrobledo

the project develops a public housing program specifically aimed at young people in the region; its purpose is to offer an alternative of low-cost rental homes in which attempts are made to introduce typological innovations with respect to traditional public production. it consists of a total of twelve homes and garage on the ground floor. the housing solution is very conditioned by the geometry of the plot, located in a residential environment still to be consolidated, with low-rise housing, among which are small warehouses that speak of an old industrial use of the area. the greatest of these conditions is the need for all homes to present a facade to the avenue of catholic kings, more specifically the estates, which cannot be given to the rear facade because it is a plot yard. the program is developed on four lower floors with a plot front between mediatories of 17.20 m. and with the premise of, on the one hand, centralizing vertical accesses and communications in a single core, and on the other, getting all homes to share the main facade as equitably as possible. in this way, a mixed scheme of duplex and single-story homes is reached, which are intertwined in three dimensions as if it were a puzzle, resulting in a building of great compactness.


location: reyes católicos avenue, 86. villarrobledo, albacete

client: consejería de obras públicas. junta de comunidades de castilla-la mancha

date: 2000

built area: 1.377 sqm

costs: 67.932.885 ptas.

design team: estudio_entresitio; maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, ana espinosa, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, julián jiménez de tejada

consultans: ignacio aspe hernanz (structures)

main contractor: estructuras villarrobledo, s.a.

photo credits: javier azurmendi


  • selected premios castilla-la mancha 2001
  • first prize concurso público

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