national concert hall tautos namai. vilnius

we return to the idea of reflex to explain the main intention of the building, which is to dematerialize, to disappear. we are lovers of buildings and therefore we feel that we can erase their limits, blur contingent presences and turn our attention to the other, in the city of vilna on the horizon, in the forest that surrounds us and in the people who occupy the building, always the same and always different. the floor plan solution of the building is displayed within an almost square silhouette. four asymmetrical quadrants, are identified by the main circulation axis that carved the overall mass across. in fact, the building has access from the four sides and connect the existing levels in the site by the use of mezzanines, and thus the building is accommodated seamlessly to the hill ground. the difference in elevation between the north side (facing the city center) and south side (facing the cemetery) are connected by light ramps, accessible, with slopes flatter than or equal to 6%. there are a number of possible paths and travels around the main hall, public viewing and generous catwalks that connect the vertical void of the main lobby with the balconies, boxes and the bar behind the room, activating circulations that enhance the spatial quality of the project. there are different perspectives of the city through and on to a double skin facade of iridescent glass ribs. there are also intriguing interior perceptions where the reflection on to the polished aluminum skin of the main room fragments space that oscillates between near and far.a folded aluminum like skin envelops the interior of the main room, dematerializing its geometry through reflection and fragmentation, and the folding of the skin help to merge the lateral boxes.


location: v. mykolai?io-putino g., vilnius 03106, lituania

client: vilnius city municipality

date: june 2019

built area: 20.215 m2

costs: 52.000.000 euros

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, eduardo blanes, peio erroteta, carlos diaz del rio.

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