la fraternidad muprespa hospital. madrid

the construction of an endowment building within a residential environment is always an exercise in reflection on the scale, the typological adaptation to the existing plot and the need, in short, to make the public and the private coexist.

this project is based on the premise of an existing building that belongs to the collective memory.

the increase in volume built on ground that allows planning results in a greater physical presence, a larger capable solid whose size we intend to blur and tint.

for this purpose, for example, it has been decided to move the pace of the room to the facade, which is what a hospital and a house have in common.

the project is discussed between the possibility of being understood as a large carved box or as a fusion of parts that lose their unique character in favor of the unity of the whole.

it was decided to solve the conceptual dilemma using two constructive solutions that are capable of twinning by color and that both being able to clearly define the volume, respond adequately to the different needs related to the outside of the program.

blind concrete and lattice cloths form a single figure made of two different textures.

from a spatial point of view, the volume is crossed longitudinally by an exterior vertical void, whose main mission is to put light into the heart of the plants and favor the visual relationship through the exteriors of the different parts of the building.


location: paseo de la habana, madrid

client: fraternidad muprespa

date: 2011

built area: 6.944,70 sqm

costs: 15.966.386 euros

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maría hurtado de mendoza, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada; luis fernández inglada, juan josé arévalo.

consultants: r. úrculo ingenieros consultores (mep), iván gonzález y guillermo parrilla (technical engineers)

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