cinemateca film theatres. bogota

the project for the new headquarters of the bogota cinematheque is presented as an artifact of projection of public space in vertical through which the viewer travels the entire building to attend to see cinema while discover the other spaces of the program. the building sits on the spot like a piece of an unknown urban machine in the manner of a camera in its support, with little support on the ground to free urban space that in turn projects the movie theaters vertically, stacked and displaced one above the other always fed by the rising public space. this strategy produces a decomposed building in which movie theaters are identified from the city to produce multi-level urban balconies such as mass or vacuum bites, whose support space is the public projection space of the city that multiplies upwards the levels of the public in a building in height and highlighted in its geometry in front of the neighbors also high but of housing and commerce. from the vertical route and its extension to the balconies and theaters the user lives the program of the building, the city and the mountains in an alternate and rhythmic way. the building in its environment is in its entirety a large piece of furniture for urban permanence.


location: square 5 of the las aguas neighborhood between 9 and 20 streets, between 3  street and the enviromental axis of the jiménez avenue. bogota, colombia.

client: empresa de renovación urbana de bogotá d.c

date: october 2014

built area: 5.658 sqm

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz; pacheco estudio de arquitectura, s.a.s; felipe gonzalez-pacheco, alvaro bohorquez


  • third prize (3/42) concurso público

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