lycee francais elementary school. madrid

the different exempt pavilion buildings are presented as “objects” built in a landscaped environment that pedestrically connects them through roads and in turn makes them independent by the lushness of the plant mass. within this figure-bottom dichotomy, the proposal proposes the incorporation of the new program as part of the built topography or background plan, and thus collaborate to the rehabilitation of outdoor spaces, and reinforcement and improvement of the entrance spaces, internal routes and planted areas. the strong unevenness existing in the plot causes as a consequence that what is considered as a ground operation, however, has a “facade” or recognizable image of the building from the new access at the bottom point (avenida de los madroños). the provision of the program enhances passive environmental control solutions that make the correct orientation, use of shade its best allies, along with an atomized organization of small courtyards that put light into the heart of the spaces and allow natural cross ventilation, especially favorable in hot weather. the terraced solution produces the splitting of the floor plans in recreational gardens individualized by age and in turn becomes pedestrian connection planes that allow traffic both "through" and "over" the building.


location: liceo square, nº1, 28043 madrid

client: lyce français de madrid

date: march 2015

built area: 5366 sqm

costs: 4 800 000,00 €

design team:  estudio__entresitio; césar jiménez de tejada, maría hurtado de mendoza, alvar ruiz, maría urigoitia; ddl architectes; pascal debard, gwen david, yoann le corvec.

consultants: larosamaura (lanscape), geasyt (mep), fehcor (structures)


  • third prize (3/5) concurso restringido

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