"nube" paralympic sports public center. madrid

we have learned this from this asis cabrero; the spaces of great light and volume can be stacked. to do this we need structural power, in the corners that save the light and also in the perimeter of support. the stacking, from bottom to top is: garage, swimming pool and large track, access floor with supportive uses, on it the interior tracks forming a space in ship and as a cover, a large exterior enclosure of discovered tracks (we haver learned this from sota). to organize the structure we work with a mesh whose geometry is quite surprising; several families of similar rectangular figures move with offset forming a swirl.questions of displacement, rotation, diagonalization appear in the configuration, and these variation patterns offer as a result a suggestive distortion of the traditional orthogonal mesh, so that there is no continuous section that repeats, but a piece that has a beginning and final. vertically, the supporting structure becomes the image of the building. It is a structural wall of lines, intersections, networks, which, as a basket or formwork, run along the perimeter of a very large plant, which does not need to be regular to be clear since its dimension is much greater than that of the pedestrian is able to understand in a look. braided with the structural façade, a network of ramps runs through the building from high to low, seeking to make the need virtue. maximum functional and psychological accessibility.


  • honorable mention concurso público

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