icoma headquarters. vitoria

the new offices for icoma are implemented on an existing space in a residential building, connecting the street level space with the one on the second floor. the adaptive reuse of the existing space involved the aperture and definition of two small glass courtyards, new light sources for the ground level, that allowed for an open plan in visual continuity while helping to clarify transits and the definition of static versus dynamic areas. there are two main strategies ruling the project; one from inside-out (opening a former dead space to light), and another from outside in (concealing the work space at street level with a veil for privacy)indeed, the refurbished space is not exactly a retail space but it is in relation with the street. a new skin of translucent glass channel and glass pane provides a curated balance between privacy and publicity. a thick but light skin that allows for a peculiar type of permeability where the fragmented vision of the street help users to not lose track of the outside and the pass of time through the day, and the inner light and the casted shadows provoque an abstract activation of the outside street wall materiality plays a big role in the project.


location: avenida de santiago 5. vitoria-gasteiz, alava, spain.

client: ilustre colegio oficial de medicos de alava. icoma

completion date: july 2018

built area: 866 m2

costs: 1.089.000 euros

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, maria urigoitia, belen gonzalez, carlotta albini, eduardo blanes, peio erroteta, carlos diaz del rio.

consultans: geasyt ingeniería (mep), ignacio aspe (structures), felix andres ortega (construction surveyor).

main contractor: construcciones ruesma

photo credits: montse zamorano


  • winner 13th nan awards - interior design category
  • winner 5th arquitecturaplus awards - workplace category
  • honorable mention dna design awards paris 2019
  • finalist the plan awards 2019
  • selected bigmat international architecture award 2019
  • winner architecture masterprize 2019. interior design - workplaces

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