cultural public center ´pau square´. ciudadela

.... what are the squares made of?

encounters, sky, light, shadow, rest, walks, snacks, air, people... we face an intangible project material, difficult to quantify or measure, difficult to limit because it is the project of the "not built." we decided to operate by denial of the built mass to define the proposal and thus operate with two opposite but complementary realities. thus, square and building, they become the beam and you send the same thing. all projects have some "key" words that synthesize them and in this case we will talk about: sewing, unit, cover, basement, air. It seems important to establish the quality of public space, so we start from the premise of separating rolling and pedestrian traffic. cars will occupy the periphery of the action that consolidates and completes the layout of the perimeter streets; severe bishop street and jose nightingale. in this way, practically the entire area of action is reserved for pedestrian traffic, which can circulate freely and access or cross the square from any of its ends.


location: pau square, ciutadella, menorca

client: menorca ciutadella city council

date: 2003

built area: 9.560 sqm

costs: 15.552.780 euros

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada,jose maria hurtado de mendoza



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