casablanca supportive housing. alcobendas

the most characteristic feature of the site is undoubtedly the steep slope that presents, almost 15 meters towards the south orientation, so that it is a very sunny slope. the objective of the project is to find the polite balance between the built masses and the gaps between them. in this way, a management solution is proposed based on a plot, where full and empty spaces are part of the same system, and it is not possible understand one without the other. the plot is of very simple formation, nevertheless the spatial and volumetric results that it produces are surprising for their power and flexibility. these are bays that run parallel to each other in a transverse direction to the slope like banquets, whose e-w guideline is, instead of rectilinear, slightly zigzagging. this smooth zig-zag movement allows you to alternately connect the bays, so that it is possible to go through each level in continuity. at the same time, this movement generates large yards that are counterbalanced quincuncial and are always open to the façade at the ends. the multiplicity of accesses, connections and routes that the plot establishes both between the different levels of the project and within the same level, favors the social relationship and therefore community life. everyone's space is activated, and in this sense, a community use of the roofs as recreational and recreational spaces is also proposed


location: plots d3 y s2 of pthe development plan of "casablanca" in alcobendas, madrid

client: emvs

date: january 2011

built area: 39.035,36 sqm

design team:  maría hurtado de mendoza, césar jiménez de tejada, josé maría hurtado de mendoza, álvar ruiz , agustín orero


  • finalist concurso público

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