national library nukii. ljubljana

we propose a system of order capable to deal with variations and exceptions in a harmonious way. in this case we are working with a spiral mesh embedded in a grid of proportional golden rectangles. the gentle sense of rotation allow us to respond correctly to the triangular site, so there is no real front or back in the pure cartesian way but a more open and ambiguous yet controlled spatial condition. 

a strict extrusion of a specific perimeter is the powerful strategy for building an image. in our case, the possibility of answering with the same solution to different orientations and urban conditions gave us the key. the enlargement of the façade surface provides the building with a number of moments of reflection, shine, etc

the triangular shape is reinforced by a redundant use of the triangle in the solution.

the seductive idea about this spiral system is that is made of parallel rectangles so the x-y is implied in it. however, the guidelines of the mesh result rotate smoothly in direction.

the rectangles sides are in golden section, as we truly believe in the power of geometry to provide proportion and natural feeling to solutions.

the mesh has been dimensioned and orientated as the ruins of emona and as a result of the adjustment three different directions are introduced on top of the existing layers, working in a coherent way with the ruins but a lot more free.


location: Ljubljana, slovenia

client: ministry of higher education science and technology

date: 2012

built area: 20.000,00

costs: 42.340.521,00

design team:  estudio__entresitio; maria hurtado de mendoza, cesar jimenez de tejada, alvar ruiz, eduardo blanes, carlos garcía fernández, jesus lazcano

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